Application for the Construction of a Crossover/Driveway


An application is to be made to Council when a concrete crossover/driveway or a new or additional driveway is to be installed.


Types of driveways covered by the application form include:-

  • Concrete the driveway (normal driveway);
  • Construct an exposed aggregate driveway (like a pebble tex driveway);
  • Construct a crossover (a culvert type driveway);
  • Construct an industrial crossover (for an industrial business where large trucks need to use the driveway and a stronger driveway is required); and
  • Construct an additional access (where there is already an access and another access is to be put in).

When an application is made, Council Technical Officers will set the levels for the driveway for drainage purposes and also check for any Council services, i.e. water pipes, that might be under the driveway location.  Applicants will receive notification of approval by post but may proceed with works once the “white pegs” or level markers have been set.  Applicants should contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 before doing any work to make sure there are no underground services in the area to be excavated.

Please Note:

Council does not set levels for a Material Change of Use (MCU) application.  The plans issued by the designer should show the levels for all crossovers at a scale of 1:50 and these will be assessed by Council.


A fee only applies if the applicant requires an additional access to the property.

Who to Contact

If you would like to install any of the above…

Please contact the Customer Service Centre using the Online Contact Form.

You can also contact the Customer Service Centre using one of the following methods.

Customer Service Centre
Location145 Young Street,
Ayr QLD 4807
Postal AddressPO Box 974
Ayr QLD 4807
Opening hours8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)
Phone(07) 4783 9800 – Business hours
(07) 4783 9800 – After hours (the same number)
Fax(07) 4783 9999
SMS0437 886 008
OnlineUse the Online Contact Form
Building Certification and Plumbing Officers
Early OpeningPlease phone (07) 4783 9942 if you need access the Building and Plumbing Department between 7am – 8am, Monday to Friday.

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