Emergency Information

Disaster preparedness is critical when living in the tropical north, and within these pages you will find all the information you will need to be prepared.

Cyclone, Flood and Storm Tide Disaster Management

During times of disaster such as cyclones, flooding etc. the Burdekin Shire Council Local Disaster Coordination Centre is activated at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Local Disaster Management Group or delegate. The centre may also be activated at the request of the Local Disaster Coordinator or the District Disaster Management Group or the District Disaster Coordinator.

Once the Centre is activated the local contact number for the Burdekin Shire Council will also become the Local Disaster Coordination Centre number. This number is 4783 9800 and will be activated and widely publicised through local radio.

Burdekin Shire Council Local Disaster Management Group

Under the Disaster Management Act 2006 local government must establish a Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) for the local government’s area. The Burdekin Shire Council’s LDMG is chaired by the Mayor of the Burdekin Shire Council, and includes Executive Council Officers, representatives from Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES, health, tourism and other advisory members as required.

Council’s disaster management adviser is the Local Disaster Coordinator. The Local Disaster Coordinator also coordinates the disaster management and disaster risk management planning, development and staff training for the Burdekin Shire.

The Burdekin Local Disaster Management Group is responsible to the DDMG for:

  • Developing disaster management arrangements and allocating responsibilities
  • Coordinating operations
  • Preparing disaster management plans for the Burdekin Shire
  • Establishing and maintaining a local emergency service.

Burdekin Shire Local Disaster Management Plan

Under the provisions of the Disaster Management Act 2003, Burdekin Shire Council must prepare a Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) to address the disaster management needs of the Shire. The Burdekin Shire LDMP ensures that:

  1. community risks related to events are effectively managed;
  2. risks requiring district level support are identified and communicated to the district level;
  3. the local government and local groups comply with their disaster management obligations under the Disaster Management Act 2003 and other obligations related to disaster management that the local government determines.

The plan aims to achieve prevention, preparedness, response and recovery objectives in accordance with the values of the disaster management strategic framework:

  • Protecting health, safety, quality of life and economic vitality
  • Building and maintaining partnerships and collaboration across all levels of government, community and industry, in all aspects of disaster management
  • Protecting our natural and built environment
  • Respecting the diversity of Queensland communities
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency of the Queensland disaster management arrangements

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