Regional Arts Development Fund

The Burdekin Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a State and Local Government Partnership in regional arts and cultural development.

Closing dates

There are two funding rounds each year which are advertised in the local newspaper.

Round 1 – May – for projects commencing after 1 August

Round 2 – November – for projects commencing after 1 February

What is RADF

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) supports arts and cultural development at the local level through regional Queensland. RADF is a partnership between participating local councils and the Queensland Government, improving the quality of life and generating a potent force for regional renewal.

How does RADF work?

Each year Burdekin Shire Council lodges a bid for funding with Arts Queensland. If approved, Arts Queensland provides 60% of the bid, and Council 40%. RADF invites grant applications from the community twice annually – in May and November.

RADF Committee members assess the grant applications according to RADF guidelines and the Council’s art and cultural development policy and recommend which applicants they consider should receive funding and how much. The RADF Liaison Officer presents their recommendations to Council. Council ratifies the committee decisions and the funds are distributed.

Applications for funding must be made to Council on the appropriate RADF form.

Categories of RADF Funding

Developing Regional Skills

For individual professional artists and artsworkers living in regional Queensland to attend professional development seminars or activities; master-classes; mentorships with recognised arts and cultural peers; and placements with recognised arts and cultural organisations.

  • RADF grants will support intrastate and interstate activities only.
  • Arts Queensland’s Individual Professional Development grants support international activities.
  • Assistance is available for up to 65 per cent of the total costs to a maximum of $1000 for Queensland travel and $2000 for national travel.

Councils may also support Quick-Response Grants under this category for:

  • opportunities for professional development that unexpectedly become available out of the normal local RADF rounds
  • applications usually up to six weeks before the event/activity.

Building Community Cultural Capacity

For community groups to engage a professional artist or artsworker to work with them on developing their arts practice or to run arts development workshops or community projects.

  • RADF grants will support travel, accommodation and fees associated with employing professional artists or artsworkers to work on community projects or workshops in the local community.
  • Assistance is available for up to 65 per cent of the total costs of the project or workshop.
  • This category is also open to councils that wish to assume a co-ordination role for projects.

Interest Free Art Loans

For arts activities that will generate an income greater than the amount of the loan, and where no other funding source is available.

  • RADF Interest-free Arts Loans will support activities that can demonstrate a prior commitment from a distributor or producer, e.g. a publisher, gallery or venue that can confirm and substantiate revenue forecasts.
  • The total amount of the loan must be paid back at the conclusion of the activity.

Cultural Tourism

For projects and activities that focus on communities’ locally distinct arts, culture and heritage both for members of that community and for visitors.  RADF grants can support initiatives and activities that focus on:

  • product development by professional artists, either as individuals or in partnership with individual community members or community groups marketing of professional artistic product.

Contemporary Collections/Stories

To preserve and provide access to locally held collections of significance, and collect and tell local stories from the past and the present that can demonstrate state and/or local significance. The priorities for this category are proposals for post-1960 heritage and Indigenous stories that can demonstrate strong community participation and ownership.

  • RADF grants can support:
  • Documentation, preservation, interpretation projects and collection management training through community-based workshops community stories, which can be documented in a variety of forms and mediums, including plays, videos, artwork, digital exhibitions, education programs, oral histories and publications.
  • Community organisations such as historical societies, museums, libraries, archives, galleries, Indigenous and migrant community groups which collect and provide public access to their cultural heritage collections are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must provide a statement of significance with their applications.

Regional Partnerships

To encourage innovative and energising arts projects where artists, communities and councils work together in their community, or in partnership with another community, to achieve enhanced outcomes from RADF grants.

RADF grants will support projects that can demonstrate a partnership between:

  • artists and local industry
  • artists and community arts organisations
  • artists and non-arts community organisations
  • cross-council collaborations.

This category is also open to councils.

Concept Development

To develop arts research ideas and project proposals to the implementation stage and identify funding sources outside of RADF to implement project proposals. RADF grants will support individuals and groups who wish to engage in professional research and the development of ideas and project proposals to the implementation stage. No specific artform product is required. However, the project should demonstrate how it will contribute to future arts development.

Potential funding sources for the implementation of the project must be identified prior to making an application and must be noted in the application form.

This category is also open to councils.

Arts Policy Development and Impementation

To support councils to:

  • develop cultural policy, cultural mapping, visioning and planning proposals
  • partner on regional cultural policy co-ordination activities
  • cross-regional cultural planning
  • development of cultural tourism plans
  • community consultation, facilitation and preparation of the documents (but not publishing)
  • RADF Committee training.

Application Forms

The forms listed below can be filled out and returned to the Burdekin Shire Council. The documents below are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents.

Click below to download:

Who can submit grant applications to the Burdekin RADF committee?

The program supports locally determined regional arts and cultural development opportunities by providing discrete, short term, project based financial assistance.

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to seek assistance for:

  • Professional services to amateur arts activity
  • Travel costs associated with local artists attending specialised seminars/workshops in major centres for the purpose of individual professional development;
  • Professional components of activities such as residencies, productions, commissions, exhibitions, short term workshops, research and promotion;
  • Networking, training and professional development for local artsworkers.

Successful Applicants

All successful applicants are required to acknowledge Burdekin Shire Council and Arts Queensland in all publicity. Please be sure to read the Arts Queensland Acknowledgement Protocol.

Arts Queensland Acknowledgement protocol

Arts Queensland logo

Burdekin Shire Council crest

Outcome Report Forms

Successful applicants, upon completion of their project will be required to complete and submit an Outcome Report. It is important for successful applicants to complete the form correctly.

The form below can be filled out and returned to the Burdekin Shire Council. The document is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document.

Click below to fill out and or download:

Committee Members

Committee Member’s nameArea of expertise e.g. artform, profession, sector of the community they represent.
Cr Uli Liessmann (Chair)Councillor, Visual Arts
Cr Pierina Dalle CortCouncillor, Community Cultural Development
Mrs June PolaVisual Arts
Mrs Raelene GrantzTheatre, Museums and Cultural Heritage
Mrs Wendy BertelloDesign, Craft
Mrs Treena ListVisual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Festivals, Craft, Writing, Music, Community Cultural Development, Museums and Cultural Heritage
Mrs Shirley MannCraft, Design
Ms Loris BradleyVisual Arts, Festivals, Craft, Design, Community Cultural Development

Your Burdekin RADF Liaison Officer is:

Mrs Janice Horan
Phone : (07) 4783 9836
Fax : (07) 4783 9999
Email :

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