The Burdekin Shire Council’s Schedule of Waste Management Charges can be viewed using the link below.

Bins are collected from the kerbside in Ayr, Home Hill and Brandon.

Waste can also be taken to the transfer stations or to the landfill site.

The fees for accepting waste are shown here.

Burdekin Shire Council – Waste Disposal Fees 2016-2017 includes GST

Transfer stations and landfillBag/bin up to 140L$3.50
Car or 240L bin$7.00
Small trailer$14.50
Large trailer/ute/van$21.50
Van/ute with small trailer$35.00
Van/ute with large trailer$42.00
Metal appliances non decommissioned$35.00
Landfill onlyCommercial, general and construction and demolition waste, MSW$130 per tonne
Lightweight plastics$100.00 cubic metre
Treated timber$55.00 per tonne
Dead animal – large$90.00 each
Asbestos$130.00 tonne (Plus Handling Fee)
 Asbestos handling fee$40.00
Low hazardous waste$147.00 per tonne
Product destruction certificate$50.00
Recyclable waste
Logs, stumps over 300mm$70.00 cubic metre
Concrete requiring rock breaker$127 per tonne
Concrete/pavers/tile/brick > 100mm or asphalt$55.00 per tonne
Concrete/pavers/tile/brick < 100mm$20.00 per tonne
Commercial cardboard$5.00 cubic metre
Motor Oil > 6L$0.20 per L
Oil filters > 3$3.00 each
Cooking oil > 20L$0.20 per L
Waste oil containers, 5L$7.00 each
Waste oil containers, 10L$10.00 each
Waste oil containers, 20L$14.00 each
Waste oil containers, 60L$20.00 each
Waste oil containers, 205L$33.50 each
Plastic recyclable drums$1.00 each
Plastic bumper bars$3.00 each
TyresAt cost
Car body (excluding tyres)$50.00
Other waste charges
Giru transfer station hire & bin collection$3,600 per month
Use of weighbridge$13.00 each
Collection of kerbside bins, Ayr, Home Hill & Brandon$20.00 per bin
Landfill fees when weighbridge non operational
General waste uncompacted$23.00 cubic metre
General waste compacted$50.00 cubic metre
Construction & Demolition waste$57.00 cubic metre
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick > 100mm or asphalt$36.00 cubic metre
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick < 100mm$20.50 cubic metre
Treated timber for processing$41.50 cubic metre
Concrete requiring rockbreaking$43.50 cubic metre
Asbestos$57.00 cubic metre (plus handling fee)
Low hazardous waste$74.00 cubic metre
Fee Exempt
Transfer stations
  • Green waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Waste oil < 6L
  • Household recyclables
  • Cooking oil < 20L
  • Oil filters < 3
  • Domestic cardboard

Burdekin residents only

  • Sorted domestic waste
  • Green waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Clean fill
  • Car bodies
  • Household recyclable waste

Burdekin residents only

  • Sorted domestic waste
  • Sorted timbers and clean concrete
    (not requiring rock breaking)


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