Waste Management Charges

Burdekin Shire Council – Waste Disposal Fees 2014-2015 includes GST

Transfer stations and landfill Bag/bin up to 140L $3.00
Car or 240L bin $6.00
Small trailer $13.50
Large trailer/ute/van $20.00
Van/ute with small trailer $33.00
Van/ute with large trailer $39.50
Metal appliances non decommissioned $33.00
Low hazardous waste $140.00 per tonne
Landfill only Commercial, general and construction and demolition waste, MSW $124 per tonne
Lightweight plastics $100.00 cubic m
Treated timber $50.00 per tonne
Dead animal – large $90.00 each
Asbestos $228.00 tonne
(plus handling fee)
Handling fee $210.00
Recyclable waste
Logs, stumps over 300mm $70.00 cubic m
Concrete requiring rock breaker $125 per tonne
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick>100mm or asphalt $55.00 per tonne
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick<100mm $20.00 per tonne
Commercial cardboard $5.00 cubic m
Motor Oil> 6L $0.17 per L
Oil filters > 3 $3.00 each
Cooking oil > 20L $0.17 per L
Waste oil containers, 5L $7.00 each
Waste oil containers, 10L $10.00 each
Waste oil containers, 20L $14.00 each
Waste oil containers, 60L $20.00 each
Waste oil containers, 205L $33.50 each
Plastic recyclable drums $1.00 each
Plastic bumper bars $3.00 each
Tyres At cost
Other waste charges
Giru transfer station hire & bin collection $3,588 per month
Use of weighbridge $12.50 each
Collection of kerbside bins, Ayr, Home Hill & Brandon $20.00 per bin
Landfill fees when weighbridge non operational
General waste uncompacted $23.00 cubic m
General waste compacted $50.00 cubic m
Construction & Demolition waste $57.00 cubic m
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick>100mm or asphalt $36.00 cubic m
Concrete /pavers/tile/brick<100mm $20.50 cubic m
Treated timber for processing $41.50 cubic m
Concrete requiring rockbreaking $43.50 cubic m
Asbestos $104 cubic m
(plus handling charge)
Low hazardous waste $74.00 cubic m
Fee Exempt
Transfer stations
  • Green waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Waste oil < 6L
  • Household recyclables
  • Cooking oil < 20L
  • Oil filters < 3
  • Domestic cardboard

Burdekin resident only

  • Sorted domestic waste
  • Green waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Clean fill
  • Car bodies
  • Household recyclable waste

Burdekin resident only

  • Sorted domestic waste
  • Sorted timbers and clean concrete
    (not requiring rock breaking)


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