Maps of the Shire

There are a range of maps published by the Burdekin Shire Council which can either be downloaded and/or printed.

In addition the council maps can be viewed interactively online.

  • GIS maps

    Interactive Maps

    Access the Council GIS Property Information using an interactive map.


    GIS Property Information

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  • Printable Maps

    Printable Maps

    Useful and informative maps of the region are available online and from the Council Chambers at 145 Young St in Ayr.


    Burdekin Shire Council has a number of useful and informative maps which will be of interest to Burdekin residents as well as people visiting the area.

    Printed copies are available for collection from the Burdekin Shire Council Chambers at 145 Young Street in Ayr.

    The following maps can also be viewed online or downloaded and printed.

  • Satellite Imagery

    The following web sites offer satellite imagery or Software to view imagery.


    Below are some websites which offer satellite imagery or Software to view imagery.

    Web SiteWeb Site Address
    Google Maps
    Australian Government
    Queensland Government
    Google Earth
    Flash Earth
    Earth 3D


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