Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) it is mandatory that applicants provide certain information when lodging a development application.  The application forms must be current and properly completed in order to make the application. They contain mandatory (required by SPA) and supporting sections and provide Council with information necessary to undertake assessment of the application.  The forms are available from the State government website and are periodically updated. IDAS forms change from time to time, however SPA requires the “current form” to be submitted with all applications, otherwise the application is invalid.

Requirements of a properly-made development application

  • All applications must contain the written consent of the land owner prior to the lodgement of the application.
  • A proposal report describing how the proposed development achieves the compliance with each of the Performance Criteria of each of the relevant Planning Scheme Codes triggered.
  • Supporting information and plans, including identifying what is existing development and what is proposed development.  Elements of good plans include:
    • a north point.
    • a scale (generally 1:100 or 1:200).
    • a title of the plan.
    • a date the plan was prepared.
    • the author of the plan.
    • all structures on the site, including buildings, water lines or bores, sewer lines or effluent trenches etc.

What to include in the development application

A development application must be made in the appropriate manner prescribed by the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA).  Development applications must include:

What does it Cost?

Please refer to the Building Application Fees/Development Assessment Fees section in the fees and charges schedule.

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