A-Z of Waste

A-Z Waste in Burdekin


A Aerosol cans (empty) Recycling wheelie bin
Aluminium cans (empty) Recycling wheelie bin
Asbestos Disposed directly to landfill only. Restrictions apply for the handling and transport of materials containing asbestos.
B Batteries (car) Recycling section of the waste transfer stations.
Batteries (mobile phone) In the Mobile phone collection container in the foyer of Council’s Customer Service Centre.
Batteries (dry cell/household) Refuse wheelie bin
Bikes Usable bikes can be deposited at the Second hand section or broken bikes can be disposed of at transfer stations in the scrap metal
Books Recycling wheelie bin or charity shops
Bricks Recyling section of Landfill*
Building waste Landfill*
C Cardboard (flattened) Recycling wheelie bin. Cardboard bins also available at Ayr and Home Hill waste transfer stations.
Cartons – egg, milk, juice, etc (flattened) Recycling wheelie bin
Carpet Transfer station or landfill* Offcuts can be disposed of in your refuse wheelie bin
Chemicals and Cleaning Products Return to supplier or Chemcollect program
Crockery/Ceramics/Porcelain Refuse wheelie bin
Cigarette butts Refuse wheelie bin
Clothing Charity organisations
Computers Transfer station or landfill*
Concrete Recycling section of Landfill*
Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill*
Cooking Oil Oil collection area of Ayr/Home Hill transfer stations or an authorised collection agency*
Chemical Containers (designated containers only) DrumMuster Program
D Detergent Containers – cleaned Recycle wheelie bin
E Electrical Appliances Designated area at transfer stations* or landfill*
E-waste E waste collection bin at Ayr transfer station
F Furniture/Fridges/Freezers Designated area at transfer stations*
Food Scraps Refuse wheelie bin or compost bin/worm farm
G Glass bottles and jars (separate lids) Recycling wheelie bin
Gas Cylinders Return to supplier
Grass clippings Green waste bin
H Household Waste Refuse wheelie bin
Herbicides Chemcollect Program or return to supplier
I Ice Cream Container Recycling wheelie bin
J Juice bottles/cartons Recycling wheelie bin
Junk mail Recycling wheelie bin
K Kitty litter Refuse wheelie bin
L Lawn Mowers Transfer stations or straight to landfill* or recycled in metal or second hand shop.
Leaves Green waste bin
Light bulbs and tubes Refuse wheelie bin
M Mattresses Transfer stations or straight to landfill*
Milk Cartons/bottles Recycling wheelie bin
Magazines Recycling wheelie bin
Marine Flares Designated Section at Ayr Transfer Station
Mirrors and broken glass Refuse wheelie bin
Mobile phones Collection container in foyer of Council Office in Young St. Ayr
Motor Oils Oil collection facilities in Ayr or Home Hill transfer stations or an authorised collection agency*
N Nappies Refuse wheelie bin
Newspaper Recycling wheelie bin
O Oil/Oil Filters Oil collection area of transfer stations or an authorised collection agency*
Old letters Recycling wheelie bin
Ovenware and Pyrex Refuse wheelie bin
P Prunings, twigs and small branches Green waste bin
Petroleum products (oil) Oil collection area of transfer stations or an authorised collection agency*
Paper Recycling wheelie bin
Plastic containers Recycling wheelie bin
Paint tins (empty and dry) Transfer stations or waste bins. Metal tins to scrap metal
Packaging material e.g. bubble wrap and polystyrene foam Refuse wheelie bin
Plastic Bags Refuse wheelie bin or plastic bag recycling bins at Coles/Woolworths Supermarkets
S Scrap Metal Recycling section of Ayr/Home Hill transfer stations or recycling area at landfill. No charges apply for clean scrap metal.
Shampoo Bottles Recycling wheelie bin
Soft Drink Bottles/Cans Recycling wheelie bin
Steel Cans Recycling wheelie bin
Syringes Contact Council’s Customer Service Centre
T Television Disposed to landfill via Transfer stations or straight to landfill*
Telephone book Recycling wheelie bin
Tyres Recycling section of Ayr/Home Hill transfer station or landfill*
W White Goods Designated section of transfer stations or landfill. Fees apply for the decommissioning of appliances containing refrigerant gas.
Window Glass Refuse wheelie bin
Wood Untreated and uncontaminated timber may be placed in the green waste section of the transfer stations or landfill (charges apply for logs or poles in excess of 300mm diameter)
X X-Ray Refuse wheelie bin
Y Yellow Pages Recycling wheelie bin

*A fee is charged for the disposal of these items therefore please refer to Council’s Fees and Charges.

Authorised oil collection agency


77-79 Enterprise Road, Bohle, Townsville Ph: 4774 7333



Council holds a DrumMuster program on the first Wednesday of every month at the Ayr Transfer Station. Contact Council’s Customer Service Centre to make an appointment. Ph: 4783 9800.

DrumMuster also operates from Home Hill and Giru Transfer Stations – during normal business hours with no appointment necessary and also at Clare Waste Transfer Station by appointment (telephone 0407827155)


Second Hand Items

Salvagable goods are available for sale at the Ayr and Home Hill Transfer Station

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