Water and Waste Water – Customer Service Standards

Draft Only – Standards Being Reviewed

Contact Details:

For all water & waste water (sewerage) enquiries and emergencies:

Normal Office Hours – Monday to Friday 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. – Phone: 07 4783 9800

After Hours – Phone: 07 4783 9800 (Emergencies only)

Website: www.burdekin.qld.gov.au

Customer Service Standards

Day to Day Continuity of Your Water Supply

Burdekin Shire Council’s standard services are designed to be available 24 hours a day.  There may be times however, when we will need to interrupt, postpone or limit one or more of these services to you.  Notice will be provided in the form of letterbox drops a minimum of 48 hours prior to planned interruptions.  Wherever possible, planned interruptions will also be advertised in the local newspaper.

Quality of Water

Burdekin Shire Council is committed to supplying our Customers with water that complies with NHMRC guidelines.

Adequacy of Supply

We are committed to providing a safe and reliable water supply system to the Burdekin Community.  We will endeavour to maintain the water flow and pressure in accordance with State Government guidelines.  If you notice a significant change in the usual water supply pressure not caused by household pipes and fittings, we encourage you to contact the Burdekin Shire Council immediately.  We will investigate and advise you of any action that has been, or needs to be taken to rectify problems.

Continuity of Supply

We will continue to undertake planned ongoing maintenance and repair work to ensure our services will operate effectively in the long term.  We aim to provide a reliable long term water supply and wastewater service to the Burdekin Community.

Effective Transport of Waste/Effluent

Burdekin Shire Council is committed to environmentally sound practices.  We will always treat wastewater and dispose of effluent and biosolids (sludge) in an environmentally responsible manner.  The Ayr and Home Hill Wastewater Treatment Plants are operated in accordance with the licence conditions set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The service standards adopted by Council are detailed in the attached table which outlines the service indicator, response and target compliance level.

Customer Service Procedures

Charges and Customer Accounts

Fees and charges are set annually by Council resolution.  Refer to Council’s website for a current list of fees and charges.  Burdekin Shire Council charges users a two part water tariff that includes a fixed access charge and a consumption charge.  The annual year for water consumption is from May/June to May/June of each year.  Water meters are read twice per year in May/June and October/November.  May/June water consumption notices are sent out with the annual rate notice, followed by the October/November water consumption notices in December/January.

Services Available

If you wish to apply for any of the following services, you will need to submit the appropriate application form and payment to Council.  These forms are available from the Customer Support Centre in the Council’s Young Street office or from our website at www.burdekin.qld.gov.au

  • New Water Service
  • Relocation of Water Service
  • Disconnection/Reconnection of Water Service
  • Upgrade Water Service

In the case of the new water service, you may need to check with Council if connection to the reticulated system is possible.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

We welcome customer comments, enquiries and suggestions.  You are encouraged to contact us for assistance on matters such as service difficulties and faults, general and technical enquiries.  We maintain a 24 hour emergency contact service for emergencies related to service systems such as a burst water main or sewerage overflow and we will respond promptly to customer enquiries, complaints and requests.

Shared Rights and Responsibilities

Both the Burdekin Shire Council and its Customers have rights and responsibilities associated with the provision and use of water and wastewater services.

The Council’s Rights and Responsibilities as a Service Provider are:

  • Council has the right to interrupt, postpone or limit the supply of services in situations when:
    • Infrastructure is damaged or requires inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement
    • In the event of drought or as part of demand management needs
    • In the event of fire, flood, cyclone, power shortage or other emergencies
  • Council has the authority to ask customers to correct faults in their plumbing, remove any structures, concrete, trees or vegetation that impede infrastructure or the accessibility of water meters.
  • Should the customer not rectify any faults or improper equipment connected to Council’s infrastructure or not remove any structure or vegetation as requested by Council within the specified time frame, Council has the authority under the Water Act 2000, to enter private property, carry out the required work and recover all costs from the owner.
  • Authorised Council employees or their representatives have the right to enter private property to read water meters, gain access to Council infrastructure, or in situations deemed to be emergencies.
  • Council employees and representatives are required to carry and show customers a current identification tag.  Access can only occur between 7.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.,  except in an emergency, or if a breach of legislation is suspected.
  • Council is responsible for maintaining water meters and pipes between the water main and the meter.  Any plumbing on the property side of the meter is the customer’s responsibility.  Customer’s connection to a water meter must be by a licensed plumber and in copper or galvanised pipe.  PVC or poly pipe is not acceptable.  Wastewater and trade waste customers are responsible for maintaining all plumbing and fixtures to the point where they connect with Council’s infrastructure.
  • Council has the right to recover all costs from the property owner for damage by the property owner or third party to any Council infrastructure such as water services and meters.

The Customers Rights and Responsibilities are:

  • Council carries out bi-annual meter readings in October/November and May/June of every year.  Customers are responsible to ensure that the water meter is easily accessible and readable during these periods.
  • Customers are to ensure that trees, roots and vegetation are clear of water meters to allow ease of access for reading, maintenance and/or replacement of the meter and pipework.
  • Customers are to ensure that no concrete or other structure is placed or erected around the water meter or the riser pipes which will restrict accessibility, maintenance and/or the replacement of the meter and pipework.
  • Customers must comply with all notices served by Council under the Water Act 2000, to carry out works within their property within the specified timeframe.
  • Customers must inform Council of any dangers associated with entering their property such as guard dogs, hazardous situations or the like.


Burdekin Shire Council actively monitors the accuracy of its water meter fleet, and through its water meter replacement program is targeting inaccurate meters.  It is compulsory that all serviced properties be metered.  Should you have any problems or enquiries regarding your meter, please contact the Customer Support Centre on 4783 9800.

Customer Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution

Burdekin Shire Council will endeavour to provide the highest level of service to its water and wastewater customers.  If you have any problems with the service you receive or compliance with the targets set out in this document please advise us promptly to ensure we can investigate the issue and implement any action required to resolve the problem.  In the first instance the complaint should be lodged with the Customer Support Centre by phoning 4783 9800 or in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, Burdekin Shire Council, PO Box 974 Ayr Q4807.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may contact the Mayor or Councillors for their consideration or direct your concerns to the Queensland Ombudsman’s Office.


Burdekin Shire Council is committed to providing our customers with continuous, high quality water and wastewater (sewerage) services.

Burdekin Shire Council has developed customer service standards in the key performance areas of:

  • Continuity of supply
  • Quality of water
  • Adequacy of water supply
  • Effective transport of waste/effluent

We plan to assess compliance to these standards annually and produce a written report on our performance.

Responding to Water and Wastewater Service Requests

Council provides a Customer Service System that enables it to register water or wastewater system faults, and arrange to have these fixed.

System faults include damaged water and wastewater mains, blocked wastewater mains and faulty water meters including the isolating stopcock.

This service does not include faults associated with water and wastewater plumbing within your property.

The after hours service relies on phone calls initially being placed to (07) 4783 9800 which are then relayed to the after hours service provider by following the keypad instructions in the recorded message.

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