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Library Front Desk

There are two libraries in the Burdekin Shire. The Burdekin Library is located at 108 Graham Street, Ayr and the Home Hill Branch Library located at 77-79 Ninth Avenue, Home Hill.

Burdekin Library – Ayr

The Burdekin Library has a circulation desk where customers can apply for new memberships as well as borrow/return books. You are also able to book time on a computer for Internet access (Members access the Internet for free), request a book to be held and enquire about the  many services we can offer you.

There is a coin operated photocopier for customers to use. Customers using the internet or computer can also print to the Libraries printer. Fees apply for these services.

There are several different models of iPads and tablets available to use within the Burdekin Library on request.

Home Hill Branch Library

The Home Hill Branch offers the above services as well as other Council services including taking customer requests, complaints and enquiries, receipting rates payments, bulk water payments and animal registrations and taking theatre bookings and payments. Customers can also apply for pensioner discounts on their rates at the Home Hill Library Branch.

The Home Hill Branch Library can photocopy upon request and print from the computer/internet. Fees apply for these services.

  • Library staff are always there to help

    Internet Access

    Internet access options for members and non-members.


    Burdekin Library has four computers and Home Hill Library has one computer with access to the Internet.

    The Internet is an open and uncensored medium.

    The Burdekin Library does not censor or monitor the usage of the Internet.
    Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the Internet whilst at the Burdekin library.

    However as the Library is a Public space we do not tolerate the inappropriate use of our service and your usage of our service may be withdrawn.

    What we offer

    For Members:
     – One hour Internet access per day using the library computers
     – Free Wi-Fi access

    For Non-Members:
     – 15 minutes free Internet access per day using the library computers
     – $2.20 for two hours using Wi-Fi

    Scanning, black and white printing, and colour printing is available using the library computers.

  • Library Books

    Items For Loan

    The library offers customers a wide range of items to loan including: Books, Large Print, Magazines, DVD’s, CD's, Talking books and Foreign language books (Italian).

    The library offers a wide range of items for loan including:-
    • Books
    • Large Print
    • Magazines
    • DVD’s
    • CD’s
    • Talking books
    • Foreign language books (Italian)

    Members can look up our collection from home by searching the Burdekin Library Catalogue Members can also reserve items directly from the online catalogue.

    If we do not have an item you are looking for, we may be able to borrow it from other libraries on request. Burdekin Library requests loans from the State Library of Queensland and other libraries in the state.

  • Children's activity at the Burdekin Library

    Joining and Borrowing

    Membership is free to all Queensland residents and International and interstate visitors are able to join on payment of a non-refundable fee


    Joining the Library

    Library membership is free to all Queensland residents upon the presentation of identification for example;

    Drivers licence, healthcare card, recent electricity account etc.

    Children under 18 must be endorsed by a parent or guardian who must also provide proof of identity. Full members can borrow up to 18 items at any one time.

    Visitor Membership

    International and Interstate visitors are offered a visitor membership which requires that proof of identity and current residency (receipt, letter etc.) be provided, and the payment of a $25 non-refundable joining fee. Visitors are able to take out two items and have access to one hour on the library’s computers daily and free wifi access.

    Loan Conditions

    • Your membership card is necessary for all transactions.
    • Members may borrow up to 18 items for a period of one month, taken from the following:
      •  books
      • magazines
      • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, CD-ROM
      • Six Audio Books (CD, MP3)

    You may renew or reserve library materials simply by phoning either library or visiting the library web site. You will need your membership card to do this.

    If you have any overdue items you will be sent a reminder notice using your preferred notification method which may be sms, email or mail.

    Your library membership card may be blocked if overdue items are not returned upon request.

    Please notify the library of any change of name, address, phone number and email.

  • Library Publications

    The 2011 - 2015 Burdekin Library Strategic Plan demonstrates the vision for the Burdekin Library in the community.


    The 2011-2015 Burdekin Library Strategic Plan confirms its commitment to Burdekin Council’s values as identified in the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan.

    Please refer to the Burdekin Library Strategic Plan 2011-2015 for the full details of the plan.


    The Vision for the Burdekin Library is:

    A vibrant inclusive Library Service working with key partners to provide quality facilities, services and programs to enable, enrich and connect the Burdekin community.

    Purpose and Role

    The purpose and role of the Burdekin Library is:

    To provide equitable access to information, recreation, and lifelong learning and to facilitate community engagement and cultural connections in welcoming safe and neutral library spaces.


    Burdekin Library confirms its commitment to Burdekin Council’s values as identified in the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan. These are:

    • Commitment to the organisation;
    • Leadership;
    • Openness, honesty and trust;
    • Best practice, productivity, innovation and continual learning;
    • Teamwork;
    • Customer focus;
    • Respect, fairness and ethical behaviour; and
    • Valuing people.

    Consultation Process

    Consultation was undertaken to forecast strategic goals and engage and seek views of key stakeholders.

    Key Outcomes

    The key outcomes identified for the Burdekin Library over the next five years are:

    Customer and CommunityOur People and their LearningContinuous Improvement:
    systems, processes and innovation
    Good Governance
    Community needs
    A staff culture of
    continuous learning
    To provide appropriate
    and enabling
    Effective financial and
    resource management
    Accessible, welcoming
    and appropriate places
    Effective two way
    feedback processes
    with staff in place
    Compliance with up to
    date and defined
    policies and procedures
    Strategic planning,
    timely and accurate
    reporting and effective
    decision making
    Library services well
    used, highly visible and
    valued and “owned by
    the community”
    Library staff highly
    valued and
    recognised for what
    they do (internally
    and externally)
    Efficient and user
    friendly data collection,
    analysis and review
    Sound risk
    management and
    active compliance with
    relevant Council and
    State and Federal
    government legislation
    Quality services and

    Please refer to the Burdekin Library Strategic Plan 2011-2015 for the full details of the plan.

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