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The Burdekin Library strongly believes in ‘lifelong learning’, or that learning never stops! We endeavour to provide services for people at every stage, from babies to seniors.

For adults and seniors, we have learning programs just for you! We have access to an online computer training system and an ‘in-house’ system, where you can come into the library and learn about all aspects of computing from one of our staff members. Click on the pages below to find out more!

  • Computer class

    Computer Classes

    Burdekin Library offers one-on-one computer classes on Internet searching, email set-up, Microsoft Office and social networking.


    You choose the time, you choose what you learn!

    Computer classes at the Burdekin Library are one-on-one and will go for approximately one hour. Everything else is up to you!


    You can choose to learn about any of the following:

    • Internet searching
    • Setting up email
    • Microsoft Office
    • Social networking


    You can choose the hour you come in from the following times:

    • Tuesday 11.00am to 4.00pm
    • Thursday 11.00am to 1.00pm
    • Friday 12.00pm to 4.00pm

    If you have your own laptop, please bring it along and we can learn on it!

    Please Note: It is assumed that your software is installed correctly on your laptop. We do not provide any assistance with installing or configuring software.

    For any extra information, and to book your time, please call the library on 4783 9970.


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    Online Learning Program

    An online program for exclusive use by Burdekin Library members, with training in Internet Searching, Microsoft Office, Email and Social Networking.


    Burdekin Library is pleased to offer a fantastic online learning program, through Dynamic Learning Online, that is completely free to library members!

    Dynamic Learning Online provides training in the areas of:

    • Introduction to Computers
    • Searching the Internet
    • Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010
    • Microsoft Windows Vista
    • Setting up email
    • Windows 7
    • Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging)

    Access From Home

    Burdekin Library members are able to access this training at home.

    If you would like to use this training outside the library, simply click here and enter your Library Card Barcode! (**make sure to use a capital M for your barcode**)

    Access In The Library

    Click Here to access online learning from the library.

    On the Home page, a new user just clicks on the click here to Create Your Account. Then you simply have to enter your preferred user name and password. Click Submit and you’re ready to access the training!

    Returning Users simply click on the click here in the Returning User section to login again.

    Good luck on your online learning journey!


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