Burdekin Heritage

25 Years Celebration

If you are conducting any local or family research, the local history room at the library may be a place to visit. There are local history books, books written by Burdekin locals, photos and other material available containing local information.

The following items are available to view:-

  • The Advocate from 1938 on Microfilm
  • The Home Hill Observer from 1923-1976 on Microfilm
  • The Port Denison (Bowen) papers from 1864-1910 on Microfilm
  • Queensland births, deaths and marriage records on Mircofiche
  • Queensland State Archives shipping registers from the 1860′s until the early 1900′s on Microfiche.

The following Microfilm and Microfiche can be viewed on the Microfiche Reader/Scanner and copied to a portable device or printed for a fee.

Hardcopies of the Advocate are available from January 1999 and Observer are available from April 1984.

Bookings are required to utilise the local history room.

Local historical information can also be found here.

  • Burdekin History

    Images of the Burdekin

    150 images of the Burdekin region can be viewed online through the Burdekin Library Catalogue.


    Over 150 images of the Burdekin region are available to view online through the Burdekin Library Catalogue.

    Click here to browse the collection of images.

    You can also search for a specific image, by entering your search terms, e.g. Burdekin Bridge, Brandon Post Office, floods, etc.

    Popular searches include:

    If you have any images or photographs that you think are important to the history of the Burdekin region, please bring them in for us to scan and include in our collection. Your photographs will be returned to you after we have scanned them, which won’t take long!

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