Care of Public Property


At its meeting on August 8, 1996, Council adopted a policy for Shire ratepayers who develop and maintain Council land adjoining their property to apply for and receive a rebate on their rates.  This rebate compensates for the use of your private water supply to irrigate and maintain Council’s land. 


To apply for this rebate you must firstly complete Form 1 – Care of Public Property which is an application for approval to develop the area in question.  The application is given to the Parks Co-ordinator who will confirm that the area to be developed on the application is correct and you will receive notification if your application has been approved or rejected.  The rebate can be claimed annually after the property’s rates have been paid for the financial year.  To claim the rebate Form 2 – Care of Public Property must be completed and supplied with a copy of your receipt for payment of rates.  Prior to any refund being issued, the Parks Co-ordinator will inspect the property to ensure it is being properly maintained.  Once the inspection has been carried out and the Parks Co-ordinator is satisfied the property has been maintained in a satisfactory manner, the refund will be granted.


  • The refund amount is calculated at 6.5 Kl per annum per 12.5m2
  • Council may also assist with the provision of a $50.00 grant for the initial application towards the installation of a public water outlet on the owner’s premises should this be required.

Who to contact

For further information of Council’s ‘Care of Public Property’ Scheme…

Please contact the Customer Service Centre using the Online Contact Form.

You can also contact the Customer Service Centre using one of the following methods.

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