Rehoming of Cats and Dogs in the Pound

Lost dog and cat peering over the counter.

The owner of any lost cat or dog that is displayed on the Lost and Found page of the Council web site will have three working days to collect their animals.

After the third day the animal will be available for rehoming.

Anyone interested in rehoming an animal are to register their interest with Council before the end of the third working day.  The animal must be complete and all fees paid within two days.

The person or persons interested in rehoming an animal must pay a non refundable vet’s consultation fee of $43.00 to the Burdekin Shire Council for a health and rehoming suitability check.  The vet’s consultation fee will not be refunded if the chosen animal does not meet the standards for rehoming.

If the animal is fit for rehoming an additional fee to cover the cost of registration, microchipping and desexing must be paid to the Burdekin Shire Council prior to release.

Veterinarian services will be scheduled by Council staff upon payment of this rehoming fee.

If the animal is too young a letter will be provided stating that you are entitled to these services once the animal is of a suitable age – 6-8 weeks old for micro chipping and 5-6 months old for desexing .

* For REHOMING of animals please contact Customer Service on (07) 4783 9800 for the Terms and Conditions prior to release.

Note: prices may be subject to change please enquire at Customer Service or phone (07) 4783 9800.

Rehoming Fees
 Assessment Fee Micochipping & Desexing*RegTotal
Male Cat$43.00$140.00$7.50$190.50
Female Cat$43.00$227.00 $7.50 $277.50
Male Dog$43.00$307.00 $39.00 $389.00
Female Dog$43.00$350.00$39.00 $432.00

The above fee is inclusive of a general health check, microchipping and desexing provided by Burdekin Vetenary Services – Edward Street Ayr (07) 4783 2911.

* Additional fees may be imposed if the desexing is more complicated eg animal is pregnant or other process is required.

If the animal that you are rehoming is already microchipped or desexed changes may apply.

Who to Contact

For more information about rehoming animals in the pound…

Please contact the Customer Service Centre using the Online Contact Form.

You can also contact the Customer Service Centre using one of the following methods.

Customer Service Centre
Location145 Young Street,
Ayr QLD 4807
Postal AddressPO Box 974
Ayr QLD 4807
Opening hours8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)
Phone(07) 4783 9800 – Business hours
(07) 4783 9800 – After hours (the same number)
Fax(07) 4783 9999
SMS0437 886 008
OnlineUse the Online Contact Form
Building Certification and Plumbing Officers
Early OpeningPlease phone (07) 4783 9942 if you need access the Building and Plumbing Department between 7am – 8am, Monday to Friday.

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