Am I responsible if my dog attacks?

Yes, under the general law, you may be liable through civil action for any injury/damage to a person or animal as a result an attack by your dog. Also, under the Local Laws you are liable in the following ways if your dog attacks:

  1. be made liable for any injury to a person or animal or damage to clothing, whether or not you are at fault;
  2. be fined up to $15,000.00 and be ordered to take additional steps to control your dog (such as fencing your property effectively);
  3. have your dog declared “dangerous” or “nuisance”;
  4. be ordered to have your dog destroyed;

It is an offence under Council Laws to allow a dog to attack or to not keep your dog within an enclosure and may result in an “on-the-spot” fine of $200 and/or Court prosecution and/or seizure of your dog.

Your dog may be declared “dangerous” and you will be responsible for stringent controls as well as an annual dangerous dog registration fee.

For further information, please contact Council.

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