Food Safety Supervisors


The Food Act 2006 requires every licensable food business in Queensland to have a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). 

All licensed food businesses are required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor, whose role is to ensure food hygiene and safety standards are achieved and maintained within the food business.  To be nominated as a food safety supervisor, a person must:

  •  Hold a statement of attainment of specified competencies, issued by a Registered Training Organisation
  • Have the ability to supervise food handling in the food premises
  • Have the authority to supervise food handlers
  • Have skills and knowledge relating to food safety and identification of food safety hazards
  • Be reasonably available

 All new licensed food businesses are required to notify Council as to who the Food Safety Supervisor will be within 30 days of the issue of their licence.

The list of Registered Training Organisations able to deliver the required training or conduct assessments for recognised prior learning can be located at:

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