Declared Pest Plants

Council has strategies for preventing the introduction, eradicating and containing declared pest plants in the Burdekin.  Managment strategies for the most comon pest plants can be found in the Burdekin Shire Pest Management Plan 2016-2019.

Below is a list of some of the locally declared pest plants found in the Burdekin Shire.

Locally Declared Pest Plants:

  • Grader Grass
  • Itch Grass
  • Aleman Grass
  • Leucaena

State Declared Pest Plants:

Please see Biosecurity Queensland website.




Hairs or spikes present on the stem.

Itch Grass

Facts and photos of Itch Grass.

Itch Grass can be identified by the following characteristics:

Itch Grass Facts

  • Erect annual grass that reaches heights of 4 metres.
  • A single plant can produce 2,200 seeds.
  • Seeds can lay dormant for up to seven years.

Itch Grass is a Declared Local Pest in the Burdekin under Local Law No.3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2012.

Itch Grass Control

  • Machine hygiene is extremely important; all machinery should be clean before entering and leaving a property.
  • In-crop spray management.
  • Do not slash itch grass plants.

If you are unsure, contact BPS on 4783 1101 or Burdekin Shire Council 4783 9800 to get confirmation.

The Itch Grass will then need to be deseeded and sprayed.




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