The ChemClear is a program for the collection of unwanted, out of date, unlabelled and unknown agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Primary producers in the Burdekin will be able to dispose of any unwanted chemicals in May when ChemClear comes to town. It is essential to register now or risk waiting for the next collection, which may not be for another couple of years.

The national program is an excellent way for farmers and graziers to dispose of rural chemicals in a safe and responsible manner.

All they have to do is register the chemicals for collection with ChemClear, then bring them to the Ayr Waste Transfer Station on the nominated day.

Producers need to lodge their registrations before 27 March as only registered out-of-date or unwanted products will be collected.

All of the successful registrations are acknowledged by email or post and a reference number relating to each of Group 1 and 2 chemical registrations will be provided by ChemClear.

Group 1 chemicals are currently-registered products from participating manufacturers and are accepted free of charge, while Group 2 involves chemicals that are unlabelled, unregistered or obsolete, and include a fee-per-litre for disposal. A quotation is provided to the waste holder.

ChemClear works hand-in-hand with councils across Queensland to remove unwanted and out-of-date agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

To register call 1800 008 182, email , or visit the ChemClear website to make a booking.

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