Burdekin becoming the first ‘Fiterate’ Shire in Australia

The Burdekin is set to make history by becoming the first North Queensland City that is taking on fitness and literacy as combined initiative for children and families.

Health promotion networks in Ayr are so passionate about their local families having the best opportunities to lead healthy lives that they are taking steps to start children and families on a path to health as soon as they are born.

Burdekin Shire Council and Health Promotion Connections Inc have been working with Kidfit to develop programs that instill a health message for 0- 5 year olds and their families

The FITERACY program is a unique program that incorporates learning about health through Baby Band Practice, Baby Ball skills and parents exercising with their children as early as possible.

Not only do FITERACY programs encourage enjoying moving around but they also offer parents the opportunity to encourage reading, writing and drawing about health concepts from birth so babies are being exposed to early literacy activities.

“ There is strong correlation between literacy levels and health in adults and we are all aware of the relationship between low physical activity levels and health amongst Australians. By combining exercise and literacy development activities in one program from birth, the FITERACY program is a preventative health program that enables parents to become involved in these two very important health activities from birth” Brodie Cambourne , Exercise Physiologist from Kidfit.

“ By arming parents with simple activities they can do at home we are assisting families to become “ fiterate” meaning that families know all the ways they can become healthy and they also know how to put them into practice. Handing parents pieces of paper and flyers doesn’t work, we need to make sure that they are able to do the activities we promote and publish and that they are able to see how these activities directly benefit their whole family”

FITERACY sessions for parents will be held from October 20th – October 22nd with Baby Ball Skills and Baby Band Sessions for 0- 5 year olds and a Family FITERACY session on Saturday October 22nd at Anzac Park at 9.00 am.

All session times are available on Council’s website
www.burdekin.qld.gov.au or on Kidfit’s Facebook site.

Fiteracy facilitator training and family workshops are funded by Health Promotion Connections Inc and supported by the Burdekin Be Active Advisory Committee, an advisory group to Council.

Media Contact:
Kidfit Seminars Pty Ltd,
Ms Brodie Cambourne,
Managing Director
Phone: 0406 677 144

Burdekin Be Active Advisory Committee Chairperson Tony Vaccaro Phone: 0408 194 387

For individual parent interviews or comments please contact Brodie for parent contact details.

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