ANZAC Day Activities

The following ANZAC Day activities will take place within the Burdekin region on 25th April 2012.

Ayr Activities

04:40Coffee Royal, ANZAC Club
05:20Fall in Ayr Post Office
05:30Dawn Service ANZAC Park
05:45Return to Post Office dismiss and return to ANZAC Club
06:00-07:15Breakfast ANZAC Club
07:30-07:50Ayr Cemetery Service
08:45Fall in at Coles for main parade
08:45School children etc. Fall in at Harvey Norman
09:00Main Parade March off
09:20-10:10Service ANZAC Park
10:20Bus to Home Hill Parade
13:00Return from Home Hill


Home Hill Activities

05:25Dawn Parade at Memorial Hall
06:00Cemetery Parade
06:30Gunfire Breakfast
07:00Church Service at St Colemans
10:45Main Parade, ANZAC Park (assemble at Memorial Hall)


Brandon Activities

08:00-08:30Brandon Service


Giru Activities

05:30Dawn Service
09:30Main Parade March off

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