Act now to prevent mosquitoes breeding

Burdekin residents can play a vital role in preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases by ensuring they have nowhere for mosquitoes to breed around their homes.

Burdekin Shire Council environment and health manager Tracy Jensen said the summer months were the worst time of year for mosquito-borne diseases and it was up to all residents to help reduce the risk of outbreaks.

“Now’s the time to get out and clear any mosquito-breeding sites from your properties,” she said.

“That means getting rid of any rubbish, trimming overhanging branches and removing old vegetation.”

“People also need to make sure that they remove any water-holding containers or be prepared to empty them regularly.”

“You can reduce the risk of your family being infected with dengue fever, Ross River virus or Barmah Forest virus just by eliminating mosquito breeding sites.”

Ms Jensen said the dengue mosquito tended to breed in buckets, pot plant trays, birdbaths, blocked roof gutters and discarded car tyres as well as in water that had pooled in bromeliads and fallen palm fronds.

“Dengue mosquitoes live and breed around people’s homes making the residents the front line of defence in the effort to prevent a dengue outbreak,” she said. “The mosquito tends to hide under furniture and usually bites people indoors, during the day.”

Residents are urged to check their homes and backyards for potential breeding sites and remove any items that could harbour mosquito larvae.

Residents should also take precautions against being bitten, by using personal insect repellants, screening sleeping and living areas and using surface sprays in dark places such as under beds and behind cupboards.

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