Adult Learners Week at Burdekin Library to focus on technology

Are you getting left behind by the fast-changing technology? Do you want to learn how to use the internet? The Burdekin Library is launching computer classes and a new Kindle collection next week as part of Adult Learners Week.

Burdekin Library Services Manager John Scott said Adult Learners Week was being held from September 1-8 and this year’s theme was Digital Literacy: Connecting and Learning Through Technology.

“We will have one-on-one computer classes that go for about an hour to help those who want to use today’s technology,” he said.

“The sessions will include how to search the internet, how to set up your email, the workings of Microsoft Office and how to use the social networks.

“People who have laptops are quite welcome to bring them along so they can learn how to use their own device.

“Members can choose the hour they would like to attend the session.”

The sessions start next Thursday (6/9/12) and will be held weekly on Tuesdays from 11am-4pm, Thursdays 11am-1pm and Fridays from 12 noon-4pm.

The Burdekin Library in Ayr now also has Wi-Fi available.

Mr Scott said the free Wi-Fi service was available to everyone, but was restricted to two hours in duration.

“You don’t have to be a library member to use this service, but you can’t just log in and our over the day,” he said.

“People wanting to use Wi-Fi have to see our staff and receive a password and username before they can connect to the service.

“This has been running for a short while and has proved very popular with about 50 people using the service every day.”


The Library will also use Adult Learners Week to show members how to use the newly purchased Kindles.

Mr Scott said the Kindles would be on display for the week and staff would be on hand to demonstrate how they to use them.

“We have five Kindles, loaded with at least 10 e-books on each,” he said.

“Each Kindle can be borrowed out for four weeks, but can only be loaned by members.

“Each Kindle will have a theme, so we have a one for techno thrillers, thrillers, general/best sellers, romance/historical and young adult.

“So if anyone was thinking of getting an e-reader, Adult Learners Week will be a great time to see how they work.”

For any extra information regarding the computer classes, or to book your time, please call the Library on 4783 9970.

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