Aedes aegypti larvae found in Burdekin

Burdekin residents are being urged to check their yards for potential mosquito breeding sites after Aedes aegypti larvae were found in the district.

Burdekin Shire Council Health and Environment Manager Tracy Jensen said officers from the council had surveyed properties in Home Hill, Alva and Brandon.

“Our team found a large number of breeding sites and the species of larvae found were Culicine and Aedes,” she said.

“These breeds are responsible for the transference of the Ross River and Dengue virus to people.

“However, for a mosquito to transmit the dengue virus to humans, it needs to bite somebody who is already infected with the virus.

“Council has not been notified of any dengue fever cases in the Burdekin district in recent years, but the presence of the Aedes aegypti mosquito should prompt all residents to get serious about removing the dengue threat.”

Ms Jensen said the recent unseasonal rain had enhanced breeding conditions for the mosquitoes and urged residents to remove all potential breeding sites in their backyards.

“The Burdekin has been fortunate not to have had an outbreak of dengue fever, but we cannot afford to be complacent,” she said.

“You can reduce the risk of your family being infected with dengue fever, Ross River virus or Barmah Forest virus just by eliminating mosquito breeding sites.

“Dengue mosquitoes live and breed around people’s homes making the residents the front line of defence in the effort to prevent a dengue outbreak.

“The mosquito tends to hide under furniture and usually bites people indoors, during the day.”

 “I would urge residents to scour their homes and gardens for things like buckets, old tyres, tin cans, plastic containers and fallen palm fronds and tip out any water that’s in them. Anything that has the capacity to hold water is a potential breeding site for these mosquitoes.”

Ms Jensen said Council was doing its best to combat any outbreak by spraying breeding sites around the shire, but it was up to residents to ensure their property was clear.

For further information please visit Council’s website or contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800.

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