Burdekin residents urged to go toad hunting this weekend

Burdekin residents are urged to put on their gloves, grab a torch and go hunting for toads as part of Toad Day Out this weekend.

Residents are encouraged to head outdoors on Saturday night (March 24) and catch as many cane toads as they can get their hands on. Then on Sunday morning, successful hunters can bring their live haul to Anzac Park in Ayr for the official weigh-in and handover.

Burdekin Shire Council Environment and Health Manager Tracy Jensen said the annual Toad Day Out would be held from 8.30am to 11.30am on Sunday (March 25) at the Anzac Park Rotunda.

“There will be a free barbecue and refreshments for all participants, as well as prizes for the biggest catch and heaviest single toad,” she said.

“All toads must be alive and unharmed when they are brought to the weigh-in and collection point. Council staff will then dispose of the toads humanely.

“The toads must be caught in the 24 hours before weigh-in and be a least 5cm in length.

“Cane toads have been a major menace in our region for decades and this weekend is a great opportunity for us all to get out there and make a dent in their population.”

Some tips to catch cane toads are:

  • ·        Check any low-lying wet areas.
  • ·        Use cat or dog food as bait.
  • ·        Set up a spotlight in the backyard to draw the toads out of hiding.
  • ·        Best time for collecting toads is after sunset until about 11pm.
  • ·        If you are collecting during the day, look in damp, dark hiding places.

Toad Day Out is a regionally co-ordinated event and the Burdekin is one of several North Queensland local authorities taking part.

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