Burglars Beware – Burdekin Residents are Watching

Burglars are on notice that Burdekin residents are watching out for them.

Burdekin Building Safer Communities Action Team (BSCAT) chairperson Brad Taylor said the group was urging residents to watch for burglars.

“Property damage and property theft are high-impacting crimes in the Burdekin and many of these crimes are preventable as they are opportunistic,” he said.

“BSCAT commissioned some large stickers with the message ‘Burglar Beware’ to be placed on both sides of two school buses _ one in Ayr and one in Home Hill.

“These stickers will get the message out to potential burglars that Burdekin residents will be watching, not just their homes but also their neighbours’ homes.”

BSCAT member and Queensland Police Ayr Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Steve Barton said BSCAT had been pushing the lock it or lose it message for quite some time and it was starting to have results.

“I think the community understands they have to lock their homes and cars to prevent theft,” he said.

“Now we are asking the residents to keep watch as well. We want any potential burglars out there to know that our community is watching them and that they will be caught.”

BSCAT is responsible for implementing the Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program within the Burdekin Shire.

BSCAT members come from government and community organisations whose activities impact on community safety. These include Queensland Police Service, Burdekin Shire Council, government departments, community services, business organisations and community groups.

The aim of BSCAT is to guide local action on crime prevention, build local community capacity to respond effectively to crime-related issues and work towards a reduction in crime and victimisation.

BSCAT initiatives since its inception have included Party Safe Packs, the Lock it or Lose it campaign and will host the 2012 Crime Prevention and Community Safety Conference in the Burdekin.

For further information on BSCAT or if you would like to become a member please contact Tammy Quagliata on 4783 9832.

Media contact: Snr Sgt Steve Barton 07 4790 3555

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