Council offers easy access to business support

A comprehensive list of business support services has been created for businesses in the Burdekin.

Burdekin Shire Council’s Economic and Community Development Manager Tony Vaccaro said local businesses had access to a wide variety of support services through the council’s website.

“We have located 15 sites that provide essential advice and information for businesses in the Burdekin and put them into one spot for easy access by businesses,” he said.

“We have web links to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, Commonwealth Government Services, Enterprise Connect, Skilling Solutions Queensland and Regional Development Australia.

“The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation link houses a lot of information on how to start a small business, expanding a business, investment opportunities and Queensland Regulations.”

Mr Vaccaro said a new addition to the list was a carbon tax calculator.

“This is a great tool for small businesses to help identify the carbon tax costs they face and it puts it in a language that is easy to understand. You just put in all your figures and the tool calculates how much the carbon tax will add to your costs,” he said.

Businesses are also urged to supply their details to Council for addition to the business directory database.

Mr Vaccaro said the business directory would be used by visitors and investors to access services in the Burdekin region.

“Once your business is listed on our site we can direct potential investors to view what businesses are available and provide the business’ service capacity,” he said.

“Our Business Directory database can be found under the community information section on our website.

“This would also be a good time for businesses that already have a listing to provide any updates to their details.”

The Business database can be found at

The Business Support information can be found at

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