Councillors hit the street in effort to free up parking in Ayr CBD

Burdekin Shire councillors hit the street today in an effort to free up parking in the Ayr central business district.

Mayor Bill Lowis said the councillors were visiting businesses along Queen Street to ask owners and employees to park elsewhere.

“We are hand delivering an open letter to the businesses regarding employees parking in Queen and adjacent streets which then limit the short-term customer parking,” he said.

“This issue was raised at a recent council meeting and has been problem for a while.

“With Christmas only eight weeks away, Council has been approached to enforce regulated parking.

“However, we would prefer business owners and employees to voluntarily abide by the regulated parking signs that are in Queen Street.”

Cr Lowis said it was hoped that a harmonious resolution for all could be reached rather than having to employ a parking officer.

“In the past Council had employed a parking officer to enforce the regulated parking zones and we would like to avoid having to return to that situation,” he said.

“If we all work together, we can keep everyone happy.”

Maps indicating parking hours and areas are available

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