Fact sheets aim to entice businesses to Burdekin

The Burdekin Shire Council will match a $15,000 State Government grant in this year’s Budget to develop fact sheets in an effort to attract new businesses to the region and promote tourism.

Mayor Bill Lowis said Council would engage a consultant to develop ‘Doing Business in the Burdekin’ fact sheets, including a professional promotional and information pack to showcase the region and a marketing strategy as part of the Economic and Community Development Strategic Plan.

“The consultant will be charged with developing a professional promotional and information pack to showcase the Burdekin and to develop a marketing and economic advantage strategy,” he said.

“This will generate significant economic benefits for the district by conveying information about the benefits of living, working and conducting business in the Burdekin.”

Cr Lowis said the consultant would work with Council, Burdekin businesses and industry representatives and the Chambers of Commerce to develop the fact sheets and strategy.

“These fact sheets will provide Council with the opportunity to attract new businesses, both large and small, to the area which will increase employment opportunities and population growth which is vital for the growth of our shire,” he said.

“It is important that the Council continues to look to a sustainable future which can only be enhanced by getting industries to base their business here.”

The funding will also cover the purchase of 500 glossy investment port folios and fast fact sheets.

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