Heavy Penalties for Disobeying Road Closure Signs

Burdekin residents are being warned that if they disobey “Road Closed” signs they face a $600 fine.

Burdekin Shire Council Environment and Operations Director Trevor Williams said there were some instances in the recent floods where people had ignored road closure signs.

“I understand officers from the Ayr Police Station last week fined three people $600 for going beyond road closure signs,” he said.

“People need to understand that if they disobey these signs there will be a penalty as they are endangering their lives and the lives of others who may be called in to rescue them.

“There was a case earlier this year, where a young man from Townsville was jailed after it was found he had caused the death of his 62-year-old passenger.  The teenager had tried to drive his car over a flooded causeway and the four-wheel drive vehicle was swept off the road by fast-flowing waters. His passenger drowned as a result.

“Roads are closed during flooding for a reason, and that reason is to prevent people endangering their lives.”

Mr Williams said five people had died last year in Queensland as a result of people trying to drive across flooded roads.

“Floodwaters can be deadly. What may be calm water at one minute, can very quickly turn into a raging torrent and vehicles of all sizes could be swept away,” he said.

“People need to follow the ‘if it is flooded, forget it’ rule and stay safe.”

Media contact:  Trevor Williams 4783 9921 or 0409 839 926

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