Landholders urged to contact Council if waterways are congested with weed

Landholders are being urged to contact the Burdekin Shire Council if they find waterways are congested with weed.

Chief Executive Officer Ken Holt said the recent wet season had boosted the growth of water weeds and urged landholders to contact council to enable clearing to commence.

“The Council is reliant on landholders informing us when waterways are getting overgrown with weed,” he said.

“Workers harvest the weed by boat initially as it is more practical and cost effective than the weed harvester.

“The weed harvester is still available and used when required, but there are limits to where it can be used.”

Mr Holt said the weed harvester was loaned to other entities, such as the water boards and other councils, when it was not required in the Burdekin.

“Most recently it was loaned to Richmond Shire Council where it was used to clear the waterways for the Dirt and Dust Festival,” he said.

“Council will respond to customer requests for clearing work to be done, but to date there have been none logged with our Customer Service Centre.”

Landholders who require waterways to be cleared should contact the Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

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