Letterbox drop to reinforce crime prevention strategies

Burdekin residents will next week receive a reminder in their letterbox to lock up their cars and homes to prevent break-ins and property loss.

Queensland Police Senior Community Crime Prevention Officer and Burdekin Building Safer Communities Action Team (BSCAT) chairman Brad Taylor said the crime prevention flyer was aimed at alerting residents to lock up their home and cars.

“With the festive season fast approaching, the Burdekin BSCAT committee wanted to remind residents of how they can prevent their homes and cars becoming targets for thieves,” he said.

“If residents are going away over the Christmas/New Year period, they should let their neighbours know, organise someone to collect their mail, cancel the newspaper deliveries, leave a light or radio on connected to a timer device and let the local police know so, if time permits, they can drive by the area while on patrol.

“Thieves are opportunistic and they will pick the easy target like an open back door, an open window and unlocked cars or houses.

“Even if you have a security screen, make sure to lock it with a key and remove the key from the door.

“We want to curb the increasing trend of property offences that are occurring in the region and residents can do that just by locking up.”

Mr Taylor said residents could also prevent against theft by having their property engraved with a unique identification number.

“With this service, each resident is given a unique identification number which will appear on all of the individual pieces of property that police engrave,” he said.

“That number is also kept on a police register so, if one of these items is stolen, the police will have a better chance of tracking it down and returning it to its owner.

“Residents can have their items engraved by contacting their local police station.

Mr Taylor said if residents saw anything suspicious in their street they should call Police Link on 131 444 or if there was an emergency call 000.

Tips to avoid becoming a target at home:

  • Lock all doors and windows;
  • Observe movements in your street;
  • Check your home security;
  • Know our neighbours;
  • Secure your shed and garage; and
  • Engrave your property.

How to protect your motor vehicle:

  • Don’t leave the keys in the ignition or in the vehicle;
  • Secure your vehicle key when not in use;
  • Always lock doors and close windows when your car in unattended;
  • Install an effective anti-theft device;
  • Park your car off the street, preferably in your yard or at a staffed car park;
  • If parking your car on the street, select a well-lit area; and
  • If you must leave valuables in your car, keep them out of sight.

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