New equipment to tackle discoloured water issues

Residents who have discoloured water issues should get some relief after specialised pipe cleaning equipment arrives at the Burdekin Shire Council tomorrow.

Council Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said Council had purchased AirScour equipment in response to an increase in water quality issues.

“This equipment will perform air scouring of our distribution and reticulation mains in those areas most affected by discoloured water,” he said.

“Pipes are cleaned by a process where water is removed from the pipe and then reintroduced slowly with pressurised air to create turbulence which removes any built-up deposits on the pipe walls.

“The new system will use 60 per cent less water than traditional flushing and allows isolated sections of the mains infrastructure to be treated, minimising the interruption of supply to residents in the surrounding area.

“Any deposits in the pipes will be captured in filter bags resulting in improved general water quality.”

Mr Saldumbide said Council would trial the new equipment next Tuesday (21/2/12) on sections of Old Home Hill Road and Kilrie Road.

Residents will receive notification in their letterbox a week prior to scouring work being done on water pipes in their street.

The water supply will be disconnected at each household meter in the section being treated to ensure no deposits from the scouring process enter household supply.

Scouring works will be conducted between 8.45am and 3.30pm to avoid disruption to working people and parents with school-aged children.

Brandon, Rossiters Hill and South Ayr areas will be the initial target areas to be treated by the works.

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