Power failure cuts water supply to Ayr and Brandon

A power failure left residents in Ayr and Brandon without water for approximately 40 minutes this morning.

Burdekin Shire Council Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said a power failure at Nelsons Lagoon pumping station and the concurrent failure of a high lift duty pump at the South Ayr Water Treatment Plant had interrupted water supply to the towns.

“The initial outage was a power failure at the Nelsons Lagoon pumping station, which supplies water to the Ayr Water Tower, at 9.15am,” he said.

“Once the water level at the Ayr water tower drops to a certain level, the telemetry system calls for additional supply from South Ayr Treatment Plant, but the South Ayr pump did not respond, resulting in loss of supply.

“Supply was restored back to the towns by 9.55am.”

Mr Saldumbide apologised for any inconvenience caused by the loss of water supply.

“We are investigating each element of the system that contributed to the loss of supply and will be implementing additional measures to avoid any similar failure in the future,” he said.



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