Traps to keep litter out of Nelsons Lagoon

Pollutant traps will be installed at the drainage outlet to Nelsons Lagoon at a cost of $125,000 as part of this year’s Burdekin Shire Council’s drainage budget.

Burdekin Mayor Bill Lowis said stormwater from the Ayr Central Business District flushed into Nelsons Lagoon.

“This means any rubbish that is dropped along the main street will find its way into Nelsons Lagoon and these traps will filter out that hard waste,” he said.

“Water quality in Nelsons Lagoon in the recent past has been found to be of poor quality as it was contaminated with litter and pollutants that have washed into streets and gutters.

“The Stormwater Quality Improvement Device will trap litter and sediments before waters are discharged into Nelson Lagoon, which will ultimately improve water quality discharging downstream.

“It is estimated it will take six weeks to construct the device which is designed to remove pollutants during low flows, but will not impede water flows in high flows or floods and it will fenced off for safety purposes.

“To complement the installation of the device, council officers will also embark on an education and enforcement program targeting water quality.”

Council is also upgrading the drainage between Andersen Street and Beach Road at a cost of $300,000 and continuing with $200,000 drainage upgrades as per the recommendations of the Horseshoe Lagoon flood study.

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