Public Notice – Approved Inspection Program – Mosquitoes


Burdekin Shire Council will be carrying out an approved systematic inspection program in accordance with Section 427 of the Public Health Act 2005. The purpose of the program is to carry out inspections of properties and check for mosquito breeding or potential mosquito breeding habitats; in particular the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti. This is to help prevent and control the public health risks associated with container breeding mosquitoes in Burdekin Shire. For example, it is an offence for a person at a place to allow water or another liquid to accumulate as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The program will be conducted for a period of three (3) months commencing on 2 April 2013 and will be completed by 30 June 2013. All properties in the shire are to be included in the program, commencing with the urban areas.

Council Officers will be clearly identified by way of Burdekin Shire Council’s Identification badge.

A copy of the program is available for inspection and may be obtained from Burdekin Shire Council.

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