Quotation QBSC/13/12 – Quotations for the purchase of redundant soil testing equipment

Quotations closing 25th February 2013 at 12.00 noon are invited for the above quotation number.

The equipment will be sold in an “as is condition in one lot”. Inspections of the equipment can be arranged by appointment.

Quotations shall be deemed to be inclusive of GST
Quotations received by telephonic advice will not be considered
Late Quotations will not be considered
The highest or any quotations will not necessarily be accepted

A full list of equipment can be found by visiting Burdekin Shire Council’s website at www.burdekin.qld.gov.au.

Quotations shall be sealed and endorsed as “QBSC/13/12 – Quotations for the purchase of redundant soil testing equipment” and placed in the tenders box at the Council Chambers.

Enquiries should be made to the Manager of Operations, or the Works Overseer.

Call Council’s Customer Service Team on 4783 9800.

Item NoDescriptionNo of ItemsComments
L280/1175mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/137.50mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/226.50mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/319.00mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/416.00mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/513.20mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/69.50mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/76.70mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/84.75mm sieve 450mm dia1 
L006/92.36mm sieve 450mm dia1 
 450mm sieve Tray1 
 19.00mm sieve1Push Sieve only
 9.50mm sieve1Push Sieve only
L002/12.36mm 200mm sieve1 
L002/21.18mm 200mm sieve1 
L002/3600vm 200mm sieve1 
L002/4425mic 200mm sieve1 
L002/5300vm 200mm sieve1 
L002/6150vm 200mm sieve1 
 200mm sieve tray 6 lid1 
 75vm 200mm wash sieve1 
 19mm sieve 200mm1Push only
 3.35mm sieve 200mm1Push only
 1.70mm sieve 200mm1Push only
 1.40mm sieve 200mm1Push only
 7.0vm sieve 200mm1Push only
 425mm sieve 200mm1Push only
 1.0mm sieve 200111Push only
L004/175mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/253mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/426.5mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/519.00mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/616.0mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/713.2mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/89.50mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/96.70mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/104.75mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/112.36mm sieve 300mm dia1 
L004/121.18mm sieve 300mm dia1 
 300mm sieve tray1 
 Box CBR filter papers1 
L15-110mm gauge block  
L15-215mm gauge block  
L15-320mm gauge block  
 Galvanised sample trays7 
 Linear shrinkage moulds20 
 Compaction rammers3 
 Aluminium oven sample containers8 
L101/1CBR swell guage1 
 Sand replacement bottle applicators2 
L100/6679CBR press/load cell1 
L100/1-6CBR soaking weights 2.25kg6 
L100/1-6CBR soaking weights 4.5kg6 
L100/1-6Surcharge weights 2.25kg6 
L100/1-6CBR stem and plates6 
L100/1-6CBR moulds6 
L12/1Compaction mould and coll1 
L12/2Compaction mould and coll1 
L12/3CTB compaction mould1 
L16/1A-CWater calibration moulds3 
L25/1Blue splitter box complete1 
L30/1Compaction mould press1 
L23/1Flakiness guage1 
L12/1-BCone penetrometer and dial guage1 
L28/1-3Vernier calibration setting bars3100mm, 150mm and 300mm
 Small brown splitter box1 
L14-1, L14-3, L14-4Balances1Model sartorius
L10/1-3Sample ovens3Various temp
 Small heater1heater/blower
 Electric sieve shaker1 
 Aluminium CBR mould soaking tank and lid1 
L16/1DCalibration of mould using water replacement1 
 DCP hammer and 1 shaft – not completed  
 Sand replacement base1 
 Green splitter box12 trays
 TPS PH-MV-Temp meter1 

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