Road Closure Report 2013 as at 25-01-13 2.00pm

Road Closure Report 2013 as at 25-01-13 2.00pm

Disclaimer: Information provided is for guidance only and is current at the time of reporting. Water levels may vary to the quoted levels between reports and care must be taken when driving under current conditions

Queensland Government Traffic and Travel Information

RACQ – Road Conditions Report

Ravenswood RoadClosedClosed at Scott’s Creek to all traffic
Ayr / Dalbeg RoadOpenSurface water at various locations proceed with care
Allen RoadClosedClosed at Barratta Creek to all traffic
Barratta RoadClosedClosed at Viv Cox Bridge to all traffic
Brown RoadClosedClosed to all traffic between Bundy Road and Barratta Road
Charlies Hill RoadClosedClosed to all traffic due to flood damage


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