Call to landholders to participate in wild dog baiting program

Burdekin Shire landholders are being urged to participate in a 1080 baiting program aimed at controlling wild dog numbers.

Burdekin Shire Council Environment and Health Manager Beth Whitworth said the Council, together with adjoining shires, was co-ordinating the program for the first two weeks in November.

“This program is mainly to control wild dog numbers in grazing areas of the Shire and reduce stock losses,” she said.

“A co-ordinated program where adjoining landholders bait at the same time will increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

“Some landholders may be reluctant to be involved as they believe they don’t have a wild dog problem, but a lack of control of wild dogs on one property may be significantly impacting on surrounding properties.

“To get good results, we really need good coverage across the region.”

Mrs Whitworth said the campaign was timed to target the younger dogs that were starting to get out and explore new territory.

“I would urge our local landholders to contact Council’s Pest Management Officers and get involved,” she said.

“Landholders who participate in the program will need to supply their own meat which will be injected with 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) for free by Council officers.

“If a landholder does obtain permission to carry out wild dog baiting, they must then notify all adjacent neighbours 72 hours before the baits are laid.

“Property owners are advised to keep their domestic dogs restrained to minimise the risk of accidental baiting.”

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