Council to apply for permit to remove flying foxes

The Burdekin Shire Council will apply for a damage mitigation permit (DMP) to remove the flying fox colony living in Home Hill’s Lloyd Mann Park.

Mayor Bill Lowis said he, Council’s Chief Executive Officer Ken Holt and a number of other Council officers met with Department of Environment and Heritage Protection representatives last Thursday to discuss the permit.

“Department staff gave us advice on the measures we could use to disperse the flying foxes and also identified the species,” he said.  “The species was identified as black flying foxes and this allows Council to apply for a DMP to move them on. The colony has reduced to about a third of what is was, but there were still 700-750 flying foxes estimated to be in the park.”

Cr Lowis said Council would draft the DMP application this week for submission to the Department for approval.

“Approval of the permit will depend on the Department assessing the application, but it is hoped it would be approved soon after Easter to allow Council to start dispersing the colony,” he said.

“Once approved, Council will start with low-impact dispersal methods and it would depend on the movement of the flying foxes as to whether we increase to higher impact methods.

“Low-impact methods include trimming vegetation and leaving it on the ground in the park and shining intense lights into the tree canopy. Higher impact methods may include shooting blank shots around the roosting location.”

Cr Lowis said Council would also clear weeds and undergrowth from the roost in Plantation Park to encourage the Home Hill colony to move.

For further information please visit Council’s website or contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800.

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