Make sure to fence portable pools and spas

With the summer heat upon us, many Burdekin families are opting to set up portable pools or spas to beat the heat.

The popularity of these temporary pools has prompted the Burdekin Shire Council to remind residents of their legal requirement to ensure their pool was fenced.

Council’s Senior Building Certifier Trevor Maltby said residents needed to do the right thing and fence of their pools – whether they were permanent or temporary.

“Pop-up pools are popular as they can be put up in the yard of your home or rental property, but people need to realise these pools are also covered by strict laws,” he said.

“Any portable pool that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more needs to be fenced with a locked gate.

“Any pool other than a portable pool needs to have a compliant fence and has to be inspected by Council before placing any water in it.

“Residents should contact Council if they are unsure of what is required for their pool.”

Mr Maltby said most residents were doing the right thing, but those who weren’t were now at risk of being issued with on-the-spot fines.

“Council has the option of fining people up to $700 per day for each day there is not fence around the pool,” he said.

“Fences are a necessity under State Government laws which are aimed at reducing drowning and immersion injuries in swimming pools.

“These laws affect new and existing pools. However if you a selling or leasing your property before that date residents will have to comply earlier.

“Our team of certifiers are able to provide Pool Safety Inspections and produce Pool Safety Certificates.”

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