Move to make sorted domestic waste free

Burdekin Shire residents will be able to take sorted domestic waste to transfer stations and pay nothing under a new policy adopted by Council on April 9.

Mayor Bill Lowis said the policy changes would be included in the Council’s 2013/14 Budget and commence in July.

“This new policy is replacing the voucher system where ratepayers used four vouchers to take domestic general waste to the Shire’s waste transfer stations and Kirknie Road Landfill,” he said.

“Under this new policy, residents will be able to take a trailer load of sorted materials, including waste that would normally be placed in the red bin, to the transfer stations or Kirknie Road Landfill and dispose of them for free as many times as they like, making the voucher system obsolete.

“However, there will still be a charge for unsorted waste.”

Cr Lowis said it was hoped the move would encourage greater recycling by residents and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“Landfill cells are expensive and if we can educate residents toward reducing their general waste and recycle more items then we can delay the need for these cells,” he said.

“The new policy will reduce costs for residents who are willing to sort their waste and hopefully will lead to a reduction of illegal dumping.”

Sorted demolition material from home renovations will not be accepted at transfer stations, but will be accepted at the Kirknie Road Landfill at no charge. This includes kitchen cupboards, tiles, and other building materials.

Free disposal of the following sorted domestic materials would be allowed under the new policy –

At all transfer stations and Kirknie Road Landfill:

  • Green waste  (excluding logs greater than 300mm in diameter)
  • Uncontaminated household recyclables including newspapers, other paper, cardboard, plastic drums
  • Metals and degassed appliances
  • Oil and batteries
  • Excess non-recyclable household waste that would normally be placed in the red bin

At Kirknie Road Landfill only:

  • Treated and untreated timber
  • Concrete, bricks, pavers and asphalt

Fees will continue to be charged for commercial and industrial waste.

Full details of waste acceptance criteria will be available on council’s website prior to commencement of the new policy.

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