Residents embrace e-waste service

Burdekin residents have embraced the new e-waste service at the Ayr Waste Transfer Station.

Mayor Bill Lowis said the new service was proving popular with residents getting rid of their old televisions and computers.

“It’s great to see people doing the right thing and bringing these items to be recycled, not only are they helping the environment, but they are also helping the Endeavour Foundation,” he said.

“Once the bin is full the e-waste is taken up to Townsville where Endeavour Foundation employees have been contracted to dismantle and process the TVs and computers. They dismantle everything by hand and are able to achieve a recycling rate of up to 95 per cent.”

Cr Lowis said the Ayr Waste Transfer Station operators had been stockpiling these items for a couple of months.

“The first full bin was collected last Friday and the second bin is already three-quarters full,” he said.

“This is a great way for residents to get rid of their old TVs, computers and all accessories like monitors and hard drives, DVD players, old VCRs, gaming consoles and stereos, and saving them from going to landfill.”

Residents are asked to stack their items near the e-waste bin at the Ayr Waste Transfer Station on Railway Street, Ayr.

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