Revitalise Home Hill project moving forward

The Burdekin Shire Council is calling on any start-up businesses or community groups who are looking for Bruce Highway shop frontage in Home Hill.

Economic and Community Development Manager Tony Vaccaro said Council was moving forward with the Revitalise Home Hill project and was now ready to have interested parties make contact.

“This project is all about revitalising Home Hill’s CBD and bringing it back to life,” he said.

“There are many empty shop fronts in Eighth Avenue that could be filled and we are now ready to start talking with potential businesses.

“The aim of this project is to give start-up businesses and community groups a kick start with short-term low-cost commercial space until their enterprise becomes commercially viable which would then enable them to pay market rent.

“We also want to generate activity in the buildings and increase foot traffic in Eighth Avenue.

“Many of the empty shops offer the possibility for community groups to erect a display area or for businesses located off the main street to display their merchandise.”

Mr Vaccaro said more than 2300 vehicles drove along Eighth Avenue every day.

“What we want is for these drivers and their passengers to stop in Home Hill,” he said.

“It will be the shop owner’s responsibility to make sure the premises are in an acceptable and safe condition and the tenants will be responsible for costs such as water, electricity, phone/internet connections and public liability insurance.

“This would be a great chance for those who have a home business to sell and display their product in the main street and draw more customers.”

Mr Vaccaro said the property owner would decide whether they would make their space available for a short-listed project proposal.

“Council will then match prospective businesses with shop owners but it will be their responsibility to negotiate a mutually suitable low-cost, short-term rent arrangement,” he said.

“Unfortunately, Council will not be able to provide any financial support for this scheme.”

Mr Vaccaro said the project had the potential to bring the Home Hill CBD back to life.

“Some of these buildings would be ideal to create a bustling creative hub which would inject life back into the CBD and bring long-term increased value to property,” he said.

Interested shop owners or potential businesses can leave their details with the Economic Development Department on 4783 9831.

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