Water main servicing Rossiters Hill scoured

Burdekin Shire Council’s scouring of the 250mm water main to Rossiters Hill on Tuesday brought promising results.

Council Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said Council had inserted four foam scouring pigs into the water main at the intersection of Burke and Cunningham streets.

“These were then retrieved from an outlet at Cislowski Road and the process was repeated,” he said.

“This was the second stage of the works that has included installing an injection point at the intersection of Burke and Cunningham streets, installing an additional valve and modifying the existing scour outlet to allow scouring of the water main to Rossiters Hill.

“Scouring of this main will now be included in a regular maintenance program.

“Air-scouring of the reticulation mains in the Rossiters Hill can now commence with residents individually notified in advance by letter drop.

“Once the Rossiters Hill area has been air scoured, residents should notice a significant improvement in water quality.”

Mr Saldumbide said Council was also planning to upgrade the 250mm water main on Mirrigan Road from Old Clare Road to the highway by installing air scour adapters.

Air scouring is a process where water is removed from the pipe and then reintroduced slowly with pressurised air to create turbulence which removes any built up deposits on the pipe walls.

Scouring works will be conducted between 8.45am and 3.30pm to avoid disruption to working people and parents with school-aged children.

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