Water projects total $950,000

The Burdekin Shire Council will begin investigating new water supply sites in the Rossiters Hill/Mirrigan area as part of its water supply capital budget.

Mayor Bill Lowis said $300,000 has been provided in the budget to locate and establish an alternative water supply site. Additional government grant funding is also being sought.

“Hopefully this will assist in addressing the iron and manganese in the water supply of that particular area,” he said.

“Council also has allocated an additional $100,000 for the installation of variable speed pumps at the South Ayr Water Treatment Plant.

“The new pumps will help address issues with reverse flows and pressure fluctuations in the system.”

Cr Lowis said Council would also spend an additional $450,000 on the refurbishment of aerators and access ladders at the Home Hill Water Tower.

“This is on top of the $150,000 we allocated for this project last year,” he said.

“We have also put aside $100,000 for the general refurbishment of the Shire’s water assets.”

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