Rates payments due on Monday, September 8

The September 8 deadline for paying rates in the Burdekin Shire is fast approaching.

Burdekin Shire Council Financial and Administrative Services Manager Kim Olsen said rates payments were due on Monday and reminded residents that any overdue rates balances would attract an 11 per cent interest charge calculated on the daily balance.

“I would urge ratepayers to make their payments by the due date to avoid paying any extra interest,” she said.

“If ratepayers are having difficulty paying the amount in full, any payment you make will help reduce the amount of interest charged.”

Mrs Olsen said the easiest way of paying rates was via BPay.

“Just be sure to use the customer reference number shown on your notice and do not combine payments for multiple rate notices,” she said.

“If you want to start budgeting for next year’s rates you can also set up a periodic payment in advance and this will show as a credit balance on your next rates notice.”

Other ways to pay your rate bill is via credit card, cash or cheque in person at Council Chambers at 145 Young Street, Ayr between 8am-5pm. Credit card payments attract a 0.5 per cent surcharge.

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