Seniors group identifies key issues

Transport is the biggest issue facing the Burdekin’s senior residents, according to the Burdekin Seniors Advisory Group (BSAG).

BSAG members met today to identify the main issues facing older residents in the Burdekin Shire.

BSAG chairman Cr Ted Bawden said the group had narrowed the issues down to transport, accessibility, availability of home services and tradespeople, lack of volunteers to assist seniors and sociability.

“BSAG’s purpose is to identify the needs of our older citizens and once we have done that we can move towards finding solutions,” he said.

“There are many senior residents who are still active, but have no transport available to them to get to health appointments, to go to the supermarket, to go to the bank or post office.

“It’s an issue that is Shire wide and we, as a group, will try to come up with a solution to try to help these people.”

Cr Bawden said there were already some transport services available for use by senior residents.

“The Burdekin Centre for Rural Health and the Burdekin Community Association both have services available, but there are often times where they too are not accessible to those in need,” he said.

“Now BSAG has identified the issues, we can think of solutions and bring them to the next meeting in December.”

The group was also addressed by Burdekin Shire Council Planning and Development Manager Shane Great. Mr Great is seeking input from the group for the new Shire’s town plan.


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