Tender TBSC/14/002 – Multi Purpose Exhibition Hall / Cyclone Shelter


Closing time of the tender has been extended to 3.00 pm, Tuesday, 4th February 2014, due to impending cyclone. Electronic copies will be accepted at prior to this time. Hard copies of same should be received no later than close of business on Wednesday, 5th February 2014. (Updated 9:00am 30-Jan-2014)

NOTE: Additional information for download was added 16th January 2014.  See details below for electronic submission. (Updated 21st January 2014)

Queensland State Government has provided funding to construct a Multi Purpose Exhibition Hall, at the Ayr Showground, which will also act as a Cyclone Shelter when the need arises.

The original application for grant funding was based on a building of “tilt up” concrete walls with a steel roof. During a cyclone the building is to be used to house vehicles and occupants for a short term stay.

Tenders are invited for the design, certification and construction of a concrete walled, steel roofed building to be used as an Exhibition Hall with facility to house approximately 80 passenger vehicles for a short term stay during a cyclone. The building is to be capable of surviving (with its contents) a category 5 cyclone.

The building is to meet the following

  • Size is to be approximately 65 metres long, 26 metres wide with a minimum height of 6 metres
  • To be constructed at the Ayr Showground, Craig Street, Ayr
  • To be constructed with concrete walls and steel roof. The main area is to be free of intermediate columns
  • To be certified to withstand a category 5 cyclone
  • To be constructed on a pad approximately 1 metre above the existing ground level.
  • Provide space for approximately 80 passenger vehicles to be parked “bumper to “bumper” and with door opening space only
  • To have drive through design with entry and exit on the short walls of the building
  • Entry and exit are to have a minimum height clearance of 4.5 metres
  • Entry is to allow two vehicles, exit may be single
  • To have all ability access
  • Contain at least 15 toilets, including 1 all ability toilet
  • Contain an office area of approximately 100m², separated from the main area
  • Office area is to be provided with energy efficient lighting, air conditioning and windows
  • Toilets are to be provided energy efficient lighting and ventilation
  • Contain no windows in the main section of the building
  • Office and toilets are to be accessible from internal and external areas of the building
  • Main area to be provided with an energy efficient ventilation/cooling system adequate to deal with exhaust fumes from the vehicles entering and leaving the building
  • Main area to be provided with energy efficient lighting
  • Be provided with an auxiliary power supply capable of supplying the building for two days

And the following provisional items

  • Installation of insect barriers on all external openings
  • Provision of a mezzanine storage area above the office and toilets
  • Installation of a solar power system
  • Construction of an additional minimum 200m² steel storage shed
  • Installation of a sewer pump station capable of servicing the new building

Implementation Timetable

  • Milestone 1: 28th February, 2014 – Preliminary design presented to council for approval
  • Milestone 2: 28th March, 2014 – Final Design submitted to council for approval
  • Milestone 3: 11th April, 2014 – Building Application submitted to council
  • Milestone 4: Earthworks, services, foundations and floor completed
  • Milestone 5: Frame and walls completed
  • Milestone 6: Roof completed
  • Milestone 7: Fit out completed
  • Milestone 8: 19th November, 2014 – Building complete and hand over to council

Tender specifications can be downloaded by clicking on the link below or are available from the Council Chambers, 145 Young Street, Ayr, during normal office hours.


As requested at the tender briefing on Monday, 20th January, 2014, tenders will be accepted electronically before closing time at  with the subject line of

`TBSC/14/002 – Multi Purpose Exhibition Hall / Cyclone Shelter’.

NOTE:  There is a 10 MB limit on e-mail size.

For tenders provided electronically, a hardcopy is to be received no later than close of business on Tuesday, 4th February, 2014.

Tenders close at 12.00pm on Friday, 31st January, 2014.

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