Burdekin could have bright future in aquaculture

While agriculture will always be the mainstay of the Burdekin economy, aquaculture could feature greatly in the region’s future, according to Burdekin Shire Council Economic Development Manager Adrian Scott.

Mr Scott has spent his first weeks in the Shire talking with people involved in these sectors as well as other industry leaders.

“I have talked with people who are dedicated and committed to sugar cane growing industry and individuals who are pursuing alternative crops – both local growers and interstate and overseas investors,” he said.

“Some of the increase in turnover from agriculture may come from newly irrigated land, where others will simply improve the productivity of their current crops.”

Mr Scott said aquaculture was an industry that could do well in the Burdekin.

“This is something I see as having a great future in the Burdekin,” he said.

“We have had some enquiries on these sorts of projects which look exciting and Council will assist these proponents to bring those projects to fruition.”

Mr Scott said the extension of the industrial estate also was a priority.

“There are some interesting and innovative companies out there and there is no reason why we cannot have more of these types of industries in the Burdekin,” he said.


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