Council appoints Economic Development Manager

Burdekin Shire Council has appointed a new Economic Development Manager.

Adrian Scott, from Castlemaine, Victoria, will commence work on October 7.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said Mr Scott had a broad base of experience in evaluating agriculture and investment attraction from his time in the private and public sectors.

“He and his partner will relocate to the Burdekin and are looking forward to being a part of our vibrant community,” he said.

“Adrian was here recently and had the opportunity to meet with a number of community representatives.

“He is very keen to engage with the Burdekin business community and other key stakeholders.”

Mr Scott has qualifications in economics and rural and regional planning. He has worked as an economist, policy adviser, strategy manager and local and regional development specialist in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Mr Magin said he looked forward to having Mr Scott at Council to help drive growth in the Burdekin.

“He will be responsible for making sure the Burdekin has a sustainable future based around agriculture and supporting our existing industries as well as attracting more investment to the region,” he said.

“This is essential to ensure we have a sustainable future for our grandchildren.”

Mayor Bill Lowis welcomed Mr Scott to the position of Economic Development Manager.

“This position is critical to Council’s community plan and progressing economic activities across the whole of the Shire,” he said.

“The Burdekin needs more investment, more industries and more growth to underpin the future of this great region.”

Mr Scott said he was excited by the opportunity to join the Burdekin Shire as Manager of Economic Development and energized by the prospect of moving to north Queensland.

“It provides both my partner Teresa and I with new challenges,” he said.

“I will continue implementing the Burdekin Shire’s Economic Development Strategic Plan with its emphasis on building agriculture and manufacturing, at the same time diversifying the economy where possible.

“Obviously, it’s the Burdekin community that drives these projects and my personal motto in this game has always been ‘help people achieve their dreams’.

“That’s why it’s pleasing to see the recognition of lifestyle in the Plan, because ultimately that tends to drive where people live.”

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